Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tea Party Movement Is A Game-Changer

by Scott S. Powell) - October 26th, 2010 - Investor's Business Daily

Tea Party activists not only have tax-borrow-and-spend liberals in their sights. They are equally fed up with country-club Republicans who have enabled large corporations — such as General Electric and Goldman Sachs — to game the system and obtain loan guarantees and preferential treatment.

Titans of finance and industry need to recognize that competitive free markets always provide more reliable and abundant prosperity than the rigged game of corporatism and liberal fascism built on ever-shifting political sands. For too long, silence has been consent. Corporate leaders need to speak out and defend the system that produces wealth and upward mobility.

The leadership of the Republican Party seems oblivious to the causes of our current economic problems. They badly want the money that Wall Street kleptocrats grudgingly disburse to go to them instead of the Democrats. They cannot see the corruption that loans, bailouts, special contracts and corporate welfare have created to subvert free enterprise. Wall Street wants a good return on their bribes. The Republican Party ledership cannot see the difference between bribes for special favors for the payor and contributions to defend the free enterprise system. Let me rephrase. They either cannot see it or they willfully ignore it.

It is absolutely critical to the future success of the Tea Party movement and to the Republican Party that they return to support for free enterprise and abandon Wall Street. They must end the current corporate socialism that the Democrats and Wall Street have created. The current system is corrupt. Recent Republican leaders like George W. Bush and Dennis Hastert did nothing to return our system to free enterprise. They simply argued that Republicans would be less corrupt and run the big government corporate socialism more efficiently. They seem oblvious to the reality that socialism is always corrupt. The Tea Party movement doesn't want more efficient corruption. We want the corruption ended.


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