Monday, October 25, 2010

I’m Fed Up With The TSA

by Joseph Phillips - October 24th, 2010 - The Daily Caller

I arrived at the Los Angeles Airport more than an hour early. I had made good time on the highway. I wasn’t checking any bags, so with my boarding pass in hand I proceeded to the gate. I was greeted with a security line that was almost an hour long. The line snaked around the terminal, out the door, and stretched down the sidewalk. At the front of the line sat a lone Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer studiously checking identification with a jeweler’s loupe, the small magnifying glass jewelers use to look for flaws in gemstones.

If anyone wants to know exactly why most government is a horrible idea, they only need look at the mostrous incompetence known as the TSA. Invented by Democrats, and embraced by George W. Bush, this organization uselessly trashes the rights of more people each day than all the Soviet goons used to do in a month. Americans have lost their rights because of their idiocy and a totalitarian desire to "keep the people safe." America used to have some common sense. Today, bureaucrats dominate our lives. They have abandoned common sense in their self righteous adoration of the power of their jobs.


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