Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comedy Right-of-Central:
What The Tea Party Learned
From The Daily Show

by Lee Siegel - October 19th, 2010 - The New York Observer

"When you meet a contradiction, make a distinction." I've always loved that thought from Thomas Aquinas. Applied to contemporary politics, it means that rather than seeing the Tea Party as the wicked Other, we might consider the ways in which the Tea Party reflects the general atmosphere.

I always love it when left wing writers try to use everyday cultural happenings to prove how correct they are when they mock anyone who disagrees with them.

This article attempts to prove that the Tea Party movement is merely making jokes about what it is unhappy with. In the process the left argues it is under cutting the goodness of left wing governance. The final paragraph argues that the Tea Party is mocking the concept of public education. Not true. The Tea Party is mocking the elitists educators who use public education to subvert the morals and beliefs of the parents whose children they control for most of the day.

There really is a difference. However neither Lee Siegel, nor most on the left, can see the difference. Even starting your article off with a pretentious quote from Thomas Aquinas cannot change that.


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