Wednesday, October 13, 2010

U.S. Papers Spike
Mohammad Cartoon Depiction

by Steve Emerson - October 12th, 2010 - The Investigative Project On Terrorism

The Washington Post is among at least 20 newspapers, including these, which are under fire for refusing to publish a "Non Sequitur" cartoon alluding to the Prophet Mohammad.

Wiley Miller, whose cartoon appears in close to 800 newspapers, said he was not surprised by the papers' decisions because editors are "petrified" to run material containing the Prophet's name.

I do love it when someone proves their point in a dramatic fashion. First, go see the cartoon linked above or here. Read the comments in the article by the editors who pulled the cartoon. Then tell me that Wiley Miller has not proved his point.

Modern journalists and their editors are so filled with political correct nonsense that they cannot see how gutless they have become. They have learned that you cannot offend the liberal leaders and be a part of the liberal scene. Having accepted the Islamo-fascists as fellow enemies of America, they simply cannot offend them. Proving TWO things. They ARE gutless. They ARE enemies of America.

At the same time Barack Obama is spreading the lie that the Chamber of Commerce is a front for foreign interests. That lie they headline on page one above the fold. That lie they help spread with all the enthusiasm they have learned as lap dogs in the liberal-progressive-fascist-socialist war against the greatest nation that has ever existed. Spreading that lie is just as much proof that they are gutless and enemies of America as hiding the Miller cartoon. Being a more subtle proof does not make it just as true.


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