Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mad As Hell:

How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System

by Scott Rasmussen and Douglas Schoen - Excerpts from the Book - Washington Examiner

The following three articles are an amazing insight into what is happening in the Tea Party movement, even where the authors get it wrong.

One Nation Under Revolt

The Evolution Of The Tea Party Movement

The Last Hope For Democrats And Republicans To Regain Trust

What is truly amazing is how wrong so many politicians are, about what they think the Tea Party Movement represents, and their illusions about how to, as they call it, "use the movement." This is true of both Democrat and Republican leadership.

At least one problem I have with this book's apparent premise that more democracy will solve the problem, is the illusion that "the people" can agree. America is currently divided into two warring camps. In one camp are people who want government to become more "democratic" so they can vote themselves free services that others pay for. In the other camp are people who are tired of being taxed and regulated and want government to stop doing the very things that the other camp loves. They want the limited government that our Constitution promised. The second camp is what the Tea Party represents. They are fighting for limited government and individual liberty.

This book to explain the Tea Party Movement has actually proven the authors do not understand the Tea Party well at all. The Tea Party movement is most assuredly not looking for more democracy, more voting for a free ride! That is one reason that the outcome of the November elections will not the end this war. It will only be the bell that starts round two of this championship fight. Whoever loses will immediately start efforts to oppose the results. These two camps are in a battle to the death.


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