Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Kamikaze Republican And The Tea Party

by Jonathan Karl and Gregory Simmons - September 13th, 2010 - ABC News

With an assist from Sarah Palin, tea party activists in Delaware are trying to defeat the Republican candidate with the best chance to win Joe Biden's old Senate seat and nominate instead a candidate Republican leaders say has no chance of winning the general election in November.

Rep. Mike Castle is considered a slam dunk to capture Joe Biden's old Senate seat. Castle is a pro-abortion rights, pro-gun control Republican who often works with Democrats.

One of the issues on which Castle "works with Democrats" is on the insane issue of cap-and-tax. Man is not causing global warming. Cutting carbon dioxide would not help even if we were. So why on earth would any sane person work with the Democrats to tax "carbon" and create a scam to buy "carbon credits". It has already been proven that the companies selling these credits are lying about the credits that they claim. The entire cap-and-tax process is a monumental scam.

Since Mike Castle supports cap-and-tax, the right to abortion, denies that the second amendment protects the right to "bear arms", and generally is more "progressive" than many Democrats, what is the justification for supporting him?

Christine O'Donnell is a conservative. She is not an extremist.

Mike Castle is not a "moderate". Mike Castle is a progressive. He is also an extremist.

Republican leadership has attacked O'Donnell every step of the way. They like their power, not conservative principles. "I have no doubt if she by some miracle became the nominee she would lose the seat by unprecedented numbers," Delaware Republican Party chairman Tom Ross said. This is his excuse to support the left wing extremist Castle. Both Castle and Ross have to go. They are not Republicans. They are corrupt politicians in the wrong party. Exactly the kind of people who have betrayed America for two generations by interfering in the Republican primaries to sell out conservatives and patriots.

Two mottoes from the American Revolution are making a strong comeback; "Don't tread on me!" and "Live Free or Die!" Both echo the new theme that the Tea Party is jamming down the throats of the professional politicians who have taken over the Republican Party and betrayed our principles. "We don't want your kind in our party." Corrupt politicians might as well become Democrats. We will no longer tolerate you stabbing us in the back from inside our party.


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