Monday, September 13, 2010

The Road To Wahhabism

by Victoria Toensing - September 13th, 2010 - National Review

Supporters of the proposed $100 million Islamic center near Ground Zero in Manhattan argue that it offers moderate Muslims an opportunity to practice their faith and become ambassadors of Islam to America. Yet the little-known history of Washington, D.C.’s Islamic Center shows how the entity controlling the purse strings can transform even a moderate ecumenical institution into a mouthpiece for Wahhabism, an intolerant form of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia.

Wahhabism is a branch of Islam like Baptist is a branch of Christianity. Except for minor issues Wahhabism does not vary far from the beliefs of the other branches of Islam, even if it is more dedicated to the Muslim form of "evangelical outreach". What is of more concern is that ALL forms of Islam are more dedicated to converting infidels than any branch of the Christian faith.

The problem? Islam uses a slightly more emphatic form of outreach. Convert or die.

You have to be an avid reader of news about Islam to notice the occasional article reporting such things as the conviction of cleric Ali Al-Timimi. "In 2005, a U.S. federal court in Virginia sentenced Timimi to life in prison after convicting him of ten counts related to terrorism, including soliciting fighters to wage war against the United States and counseling others to aid the Taliban." It is probably no longer possible to get such a conviction as fear of the Islamic hate mongers recedes as more time passes after 9/11.

It is frightening that America has such a short memory. It may be this short memory that condemns us to the coming nuclear holocaust.


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