Monday, September 13, 2010

O Vanity, O’s Vanity

by Kathryn Jean Lopez - September 13th, 2010 - National Review

From the beginning of his presidency, Obama has not been fond of critics, real or imagined. And make no mistake: Some of the critics he talks about are pure strawmen — the critics he broad-brushes without naming names, and the ones he names only to add the most manipulative mischaracterizations of what they really stand for. From early on, he reportedly had the audacity to ask elected officials, directly, not to take him on publicly. His version of bipartisanship is that you abandon your partisanship. He won the election, as he has reminded us, so hush up and get out of the way. He may call the GOP the party of no, but he’s the party of no tolerance for an opposition.

One more way to say that Barack Hussein Obama is an egomaniac. He is also a threat to American survival.

There are some interesting points in Kathryn's article, but the recent Dinesh d'Souza article (found here) was more useful. The explanation by d'Souza of the anti-colonialist justification for his adoption of Marxism was the best read on Obama that has yet come out.


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