Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Kidney Patients Less Likely
Than Whites To Get Transplants

by Wayne Washington - September 13th, 2010 - The State (South Carolina)

The reality is that the issues in the black community are pretty well known. From the article:

Lack of information, fear of high costs, a mistrust of the medical establishment and a paucity of relatives who are healthy enough to donate are reasons Browne said contribute to the transplant disparity.

So the reason has nothing to do with racism! Bet a thousand dollars that is not what you would have believed based on the headline. I also bet a thousand dollars that will not be the reasons touted in the report from the $400,000 grant that is being sought to "research" the reasons.

The purpose of the title was to stoke racial hate against whites. That will be the same purpose of the study. Affirmative action has been used to assure blacks get an education even when a poor white is more intelligent. The black has a right! Affirmative action has been used to assure blacks get a job even when a poor white is better qualified. The black has a right! Now, affirmative action will be used to assure blacks get a kidney even when it is coming from a relative of a poor white. If no relative of the black will give up his kidney, then some white will be ordered to give up his kidney. The black has a right! We have a government that destroys the rights of whites to assure that blacks succeed. The KKK did the same thing to keep whites on top. Why is it that blacks and our judiciary cannot see the current racist agenda of our laws is no different.

It is truly sad. In the last couple of years racism has started to balloon. Blacks are more open about their hate for whites. As I was told by one black, "A black man is President. It is our turn on top." Whites, most of whom had long since abandoned any racism, are starting to build grudges of their own against the "entitled" blacks. The headline of this article does nothing to address the fact that EVERYTHING cannot be about race - or it aggravates racism. If that 12% of America who are black do not see the growing backlash, they are going to regret it. 95% of blacks voted for Barack Obama. Colin Powell, a man who attained higher rank than 99.99% of whites will ever attain, turned out to be a white hating racist black who voted for Obama based on the color of his skin. No white with intelligence will ever concede that Colin Powell has a right to whine about the color of his skin.


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