Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NAACP Gets Tea Bag Scare

by Billy House - October 19th, 2010 - National Journal

The NAACP announced on Monday that it would soon be releasing an extensive report detailing links between the tea party movement and various extremist and white supremacist groups.

A few hours later, the group's Washington offices were evacuated because of a suspicious package. The FBI found that it contained a tea bag.

While the package was deemed harmless, the event speaks to some of the tough political tactics being deployed in the runup to the November 2 midterms. The package, in a business-sized envelope, contained no letter or other threatening communication and no return address...

Tough tactics? A tea bag? The tough tactics as usual are coming from the left, not the right

The report from the NAACP is nothing but a list of tenuous links by a few minor activists in the Tea Party movement with groups that themselves have tenuous links with racism in the past. The tea party movement is repeatedly denigrated by the press because it "does not have any national leaders." Yet this movement with no leaders who can be personally denigrated is AGAIN being labelled racist, by a group composed of racists. The best these racists can come up with is "tenuous links" with "tenuous ties" by a few members. What a joke.

The reality is that this threat they claim was sent them, composed of a tea bag, is indicative of the real problem. The NAACP cannot tell the difference between a threat and a tea bag. They also can't tell the difference between opposition to taxes (TEA for taxed enough already) and racism either.

Since they consider that everything in America should be given to them just because they are failures, they see all money belonging to Tea Party members as justifiably theirs. The outrage that anyone should actually interfere with their takeover of American government is the source of their constant insults to anyone who obstructs their agenda. You OWE them. If you doubt this just ask them.

I have a more accurate use for the 'tea bagger' sexual pervert insult frequently hurled by the groups which align with the gay movement where the term originated. A 'tea bagger' is anyone who opposes the tea party movement. The NAACP is not just the most racist group in America. It is also a band of 'tea baggers'. That is where the perverts really reside. So sending them a tea bag is totally justified.


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