Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Adversary President: Obama vs. America

by Nancy Pearcey - October 19th, 2010 - Human Events

... those who marched on the English department are now in the White House, bringing with them the adversary stance they imbibed in the classroom. They disdain ordinary Americans as racists, chauvinists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes, religious bigots, and fanatical “clingers.”

The adversary culture explains Obama’s self-declared desire to fundamentally change America. It explains the constant apologizing for his own country, the Washington take-over of key industries, the move toward socialized medicine, the 20 year’s acceptance of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology, with its Marxist rewrite of Christianity.

These are not idiosyncratic views that require psychological explanations involving a father he barely knew (pacé D’Souza).

Three short paragraphs that sum up several discussions that have been raging recently. Though Dinesh D'Souza's argument may explain why Obama joined the adversary culture, I think Nancy Pearcey is correct that the "adversary culture" of the college world more completely describes Obama. It also more completely describes his willingness to abandon anyone who stops serving his cause. Obama is representative of the culture of colleges where politics is petty and nasty and everyone is your enemy even if they share your prejudices.

It also explains his antipathy to free enterprise while using the language of business. He is perfectly willing to work with CEOs when it is convenient. College professors after all make fortunes consulting for big corporations. They even embrace the structure of big business, these same huge corporations, since it has become obvious these entities are comfortable with big government and bureaucracies. That makes big businiess tolerable.

What Obama is not comfortable with is small business and entrepreneurship. College professors have learned these people don't make enough money to pay them huge consulting fees and thus they have no interest at all in their ideas. They want simple answers and Obama is a man of complex explanations for everything.

I have also noted that college professors become enraged if you dare disagree with them. They have come to believe in the world of the classroom that they are kings and have lost the ability to discuss anything with someone who is not subservient.

It looks to me like Pearcey is coming close to identifying the real motivation of Obama. He is representative of a college professor culture that looks down on everything American because we have allowed our colleges to be taken over by our nation's enemies. It reminds me of the famous Shakespeare line, "First we kill all the lawyers." I believe though that line may still suggest the second act of a sane nation, we need to update to, "First we kill all the professors."


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