Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Wilders West

by Andrew C. McCarthy - October 16th, 2010 - National Review

For a prosecutor, it was a simple matter of cause and effect. First, I showed that the “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel Rahman, called for acts of violence: He admonished Muslims that Allah commanded them to slay non-believers and precisely quoted Islamic scriptures to back up that admonition. Then I showed that Muslim terrorists responded to these scripturally based exhortations by plotting and carrying out terrorist acts.

For this, the Clinton administration presented me the Attorney General’s Exceptional Service Award, the Justice Department’s highest honor. For doing exactly the same thing, the justice department of the Netherlands presented Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders with an indictment.

Barack Hussein Obama is trying to suppress the free speech rights of his political enemies. It does not matter whether you will concede this is true. This article makes the case for this accusation in the logical and compelling process by which a good attorney builds a winning case in a rational court of law.

The reason that Obama's agenda scares the hell out of me is that he is simultaneously stacking our courts with left wing extremists who will support his campaign to suppress free speech rights of those who are 'politically incorrect'. I have no doubt Obama will pervert justice if he can. He acknowledges in his biographies that he prefers and has always identified with the radical extremist views of those who hate our nation. The consequences of that hate for our nation includes a hate for our Constitution. The rights we are due from God identified in that document mean nothing to this radical extremist. His track record proves that to anyone who accepts reality.

Geert Wilders was acquitted this time. However anyone who doubts that the Islamic extremists (those I call Islamo-fascists) will be back with a new indictment soon is living in a dream world. Already the fear of the consequences have quelled freely stating the truth in Europe. That same fear is growing here in America.

Obama is depending on the same course happening here. It may take a few rounds before he gets the result he seeks, even as it will take a few rounds in Europe. However there is little doubt that Obama is as determined as the radical Islamo-fascists to live in a world where his enemies have no rights.


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