Sunday, November 14, 2010

About That Handshake ...

by John R. Bradley - November 13th, 2010 - New York Post

In Indonesia, as in the rest of Southeast Asia, it is the extremist Wahhabi form of Islam that is in the ascendancy. Bankrolled by Saudi Arabia, it is steadily eradicating the tolerant and pluralistic Islam that did indeed define Indonesia back when Obama lived there, many decades ago.

Nothing better illustrates the new Wahhabi stranglehold on Indonesian politics than the reaction of Tifatul Sembiring, the minister in question, to news reports about the now infamous handshake. Initially, he claimed that the physical contact had taken place without his consent, as if he had been seized by the well-toned First Lady and wrestled into submission.

We are in a war to the death with Islam. No matter how many Islamist defenders try to pretend that this is not true, it is unquestionably the reality that rational people have come to accept. Opposing Islam is not as the Islamo-fascists try to proclaim, Islamophobia, or hate of Islam. Most of us never gave it a thought until these fanatics decided we had to die. It is merely recognition of the true motivations of a 'religion' that is not a religion at all.

Islam is a political ideology based on a religious pretense. It requires socialism as its economic system. Yet its demand for a dictator is actually a more tyrannical form of government than even socialism usually requires. It is properly called fascism, which is why the term Islamo-fascist is the appropriate term for the religion. Islamo-fascist does not apply just to the extremists. It applies equally to the moderates who tolerate and embrace this ideology of extreme hate for all infidels.

Islam lies about itself. It claims Islam means peace. This is only true if you consider peace to be that calm the victor feels after he has beheaded those chosen as enemies. This is not peace. If you are not willing to become a Muslim, you will die or become a slave. Those are your only choices. To the Muslim, any rejection of those options makes you an Islamophobic who must be destroyed. This is not peace either.

So what do you choose? Conversion? Submission? Or do you have the courage to fight?


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