Monday, November 15, 2010

Full Frontal Nudity
Doesn’t Make Us Safer:
Abolish The TSA

by Art Carden - November 14th, 2010 - Forbes Magazine

Are nailclippers and aftershave the tools of terrorists? What about the plastic cup of water I was told to dispose of because “it could be acid” (I quote the TSA screener) in New Orleans before the three-ounce rule? What about the can of Coke I was relieved of after a flight from Copenhagen to Atlanta a few months ago?

The ridiculous joke that George W. Bush foisted on us after the 9/11 disaster continues to get worse day by day. To claim that not a single solitary passenger can be identified as no risk to security unless you put every single passenger through an invasive search is the height of stupidity. The example in the article of the ridiculous search of pilots is proof this is a boondoggle of gargantuan porportions. What idiot thinks that the man who has his hands on the controls of the aircraft and can kill everyone without reliance on a single weapon, needs to be searched? Assurance he is who he says he is may be justified. A body search. How stupid are you?

I guess we are pretty stupid because no one seems willing to stop this totalitarian abuse. Even the Germans are mocking the process. Watch the video below and recognize how insane America has become. We demand the entire world follow our lead on these inspections and it makes us look like bufoons.

How long until we stop this farce?


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