Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sarah Palin, Scoop Artist

Editorial - December 26th, 2010 - The New York Sun

One of the questions raised by the news that the Obama administration is going to use regulation rather than legislation to bring in the so-called “death panels” as part of Obamacare is how it happened that this was first foreseen not by the newspapers or the members of Congress but by Governor Palin. Confirmation of Mrs. Palin’s scoop was brought in by the New York Times in a dispatch issued Christmas day, more than a year after Mrs. Palin issued her warning about Obamacare leading to government involvement in end-of-life issues.

At the time, Mrs. Palin’s prophecy touched off an enormous hue and a cry among the liberal intelligentsia, so much so that the scheme was dropped in Congress. Yet even though it was dropped by Congress the New York Times is reporting that “the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation” and will start doing so January 1.

It is interesting how successful the left wing extremists (along with the equally frightened right wing professional political advisers) have been in smearing Sarah Palin and convincing the general public that Governor Palin is an extremist with little experience and less intelligence in contradiction of extensive evidence.

Stories about her amazing memory are ignored.

The speed with which she repeatedly analyzes complex topics and comes up with the right answer is ignored.

Her well known talent for negotiating is ignored, even disputed in contradiction of extensive evidence.

On another topic not related to intelligence - her track record of fighting corruption is well documented. She does not even get credit despite the fact that not a single one of the hundreds of complaints filed against her by a small number of extreme leftists was found to be based on truth.

Until the Alinsky smears started, she was the most popular governor in America. There were good reasons that was true.

Repeatedly Governor Palin provides common sense answers that will work to overcome the problems our nation faces. The response by her enemies is mindless attacks that never provide specifics about her "well known" lack of experience and "obvious" flaws. One of the best men in our nation's history, Barry Goldwater was equally denigrated. It took 20 years but in the end it was clear that none of the lies told about him had any basis in fact. The smears against Sarah Palin are equally groundless yet they are convincing many people that where there is smoke their must be fire. Sadly the fire they fear is coming from the liars who attack Palin.

Lies told by corrupt right wing political operatives and corrupt left wing extremists are still lies. The truth will come out in time. The question is whether it will be too late for our nation to resist the road to ruin on which Obama currently has us moving.


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