Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Five Reasons The Planet
May Not Be Its Hottest Ever

by Staff - January 24th, 2011 - Fox News

On Thursday the U.N.'s weather agency announced that 2010 was a milestone, the warmest year on record, in a three-way tie with 2005 and 1998. "The 2010 data confirm the Earth's significant long-term warming trend," said Michel Jarraud, the World Meteorological Organization's top official. He added that the ten warmest years after records began in 1854 have all occurred since 1998.

But how reliable is the data? Here are five good reasons some scientists are skeptical of these claims.

The truth is that you cannot believe any of the lies being spread by the global warming cultists. In all cases, the extreme greens are manipulating data to prove a warming that any rational person would find ridiculous. From the fraudulently created hockey stick graph of Al Gore, to the frustration expressed by some of the true believers in the Climate Research Unit of the East Anglia University that they could not find honest data to support their beliefs, man caused global warming has been based on corrupt science.

These five reasons suggest the degree to which the global warming cultists continue to manipulate data, select biased data and ignore flaws in their data to defend their idiocy. At the end of the article, there is a link to eight predictions that have been proved horribly wrong, made by these extremists. Though they demand that you give them the power to inflict their devastating solutions on planet earth, when confronted with their earlier mistakes they say, "I never claimed to predict the future with full accuracy." They then insist that the predictions will still come true. They were only off a little on time line. You just need to trust them.

Yeah. Right.


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