Friday, February 04, 2011

Magnetic Polar Shifts
Causing Massive Global Superstorms

by Terrence Aym - February 4th, 2011 - Salem News

NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples… Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather.

Forget about global warming — man-made or natural — what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field.

When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.

Magnetic polar shifts have occurred many times in Earth's history. It's happening again now to every planet in the solar system including Earth.

The magnetic field drives weather to a significant degree and when that field starts migrating superstorms start erupting.

The real catastrophe of all the energy and animosity wasted on AGW is that now, when a real threat is upon us, the average member of the public could easily respond in frustration "Oh shut up."

It is clear that there were vineyards in Greenland while the Vikings were there. It is not yet as warm today as the weather was during that time called the medieval warm period. Yet AGW proponents wrote books denying that the medieval warm period existed, or that it was warmer than our current era. They simply ignored the archaeological record and insisted it did not happen. To even cite the evidence was denounced by the fanatics that promoted the AGW myth.

Evidence that earlier periods had much higher CO2 levels than we have today were also denounced by those AGW fanatics. They tolerated no one daring to contradict their view of the dire threat. To point out contradictory evidence was to get you labelled a "denier" and ridiculed and insulted.

As recently as 2 years ago the AGW fanatics insisted snow storms were a thing of the past due to global warming. Now after 2 years of severe winter storms they are shouting from the rooftops, "See, we told you that global warming would cause major snow storms. It is all the fault of global warming." The evidence is easily found to prove they have changed their story 180 degrees. Do they think we are stupid?

They even changed their label for the myth of what was happening from "global warming" to "climate change," in embarrassment at their former claims falling apart. What they absolutely will not acknowledge is that AGW is a cult, not science. The demand for ceding control of government to them is a search for power. They believe in their own omnipotence. To have their agenda start to unravel is driving them to make ever more irrational assaults on those they see as enemies.

The problem is there is a serious catastrophic risk possible that we are not dealing with. However it is not related to man. It is related to the power of the solar system to determine its own course of change, exactly as it has done for more than a billion years. It has been happening for a billion years before man came to earth and will still be happening a billion years henceforth. What man needs to do is try and understand the conseqences of the poles shifting. We need to learn how to deal with it. The evidence suggests that we are more likely to be heading towards a new ice age than towards a warmer planet.

As noted in the article: "... the start of a new Ice Age is marked by a magnetic pole reversal, increased volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, colder winters, superstorms and the halting of the Earth's precessional wobble... Unfortunately, all of those conditions are being met."

Since it is imperative that we must have more energy for us to deal with whatever happens, we need to stop those who have decided that cheap energy must be abandoned and expensive energy used in its place. Yet that mistake is exactly what Barack Obama and the progressive dominated Democrat Party has currently decided to force us to do. Stop all efforts to produce cheap energy and subsidize expensive energy instead.

We do not need government to be waging war against cheap energy. That is insane.


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