Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Judicial 'Death Panel' For Obamacare

by Betsy McCaughey - February 1st, 2011 - New York Post

Fourteen months ago, a reporter asked then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi if the Constitution allows the federal government to force people to have health insurance. Amazed, she answered, "Are you serious?"

It's looking more serious all the time: Yesterday, federal Judge Roger Vinson ruled the entire Obama health law unenforceable.

Vinson's decision won't take effect until a higher court rules. Indeed, the case will surely go all the way to the Supreme Court, with a final word likely before the 2012 presidential election.

But there's a solid chance that the whole ObamaCare law may be null and void.

Unfortunately there is nearly as good a chance that this ruling will be overturned. If Kelo v. New London taught us anything, it is that Anthony Kennedy doesn't give much of a damn about our Constitution or freedom.

It is looking more and more likely that this circus will continue to play out for most of this year. Sometime late this year or early next year we will get a ruling from the Supreme Court. With Hagan having to sit it out since she was a part of writing the law while in the Obama administration, it will be decided by 4 conservatives, 1 moderate (Kennedy) and 3 liberals.

Conservatives should not get cocky. This is a perfect case to increase court power. The final decision may have more to do with how the majority of justices think they can attain power than any concern for the rule of law.

In the meantime the left wing has launched their standard Alinsky smears against the judge who made the ruling. Judge Roger Vinson is unlikely to survive the litany of vile charges and denunciations currently being leveled at him by the same people who are outraged that anyone on the right dare say anything critical of them. Just the normal progressive double standard at work.


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