Thursday, March 24, 2011

America Is Ruled By Insanity

While Obama searches for clarity, we're plunged into another war - by John Kass

Obama: No U.S. Forces on the Ground in Libya… Except For Those Guys - by Jim Geraghty

These are two of the articles among dozens from yesterday that indicate our President may be insane.

The first article talks about an ignorant statement from Obama. When asked about the confusion that dominates the chain of command in this war in which he has committed our forces - Obama promised with great confidence he would fix that. Even while the guns and bombs are already killing people, Obama insists that he will get clarity on how the war will be organized in "a few days." In the meantime Libyans are dying (hopefully all bad guys) and American lives are at risk. In fact the second article talks about the Marines who have been sent in to rescue one of our pilots who went down in Libya. As noted by one sarcastic commenter, since Obama has insisted that we will have no "boots on the ground" the Marines must be presumed to be wearing flip-flops to avoid violating that pledge.

This war has been going on for only a few days and chaos has ruled from the beginning. The Germans have pulled their forces out of NATO in protest of the chaos. No one knows who is in charge. The Italians are threatening, if they have not already done so, to ban use of their bases to conduct the war. Sarkozy of France is given credit for all the bombing (that is being conducted overwhelmingly by Americans) on the signs held up by Libyans on the ground who are revolting against Qaddafi. Indications are emerging that the people who we are assisting are the same Islamic Jihadists with whom we are at war in Afghanistan.

Obama's staff gives conflicting accounts of what we are doing and why we are doing it that border on lying to the American people. The rush to war was ordered by an Imperial President who thought that informing congress of his decision to go to war constituted consulting them. He even insists that killing people with bombs does not constitute an act of war. Instead Obama sounds confident and in control as he reads from his teleprompter defending his actions. Does everyone remember when Obama proudly proclaimed, "I can tell you this -- when I am president of the United States, the American people and the world will always know where I stand." Now even though his staff is confused Obama is still certain he is in control of everything. No one knows where he stands, least of all the "world".

No drama Obama is never upset or confused or wrong. The question that bothers me is whether that perpetual confident attitude is an indication that Obama has no clue?


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