Friday, March 11, 2011

The Soft Evil Of Barack Obama

by Stuart Schwartz - March 11th, 2011 - The American Thinker

Obama ignores the vow of the Muslim Brotherhood to "kill the Jews -- to the very last one" and, instead of decrying their murderous intent, pronounces them worthy of friendship. Hard evil hates Jews; soft evil embraces their murderers.

Soft evil inevitably leaches into public life. Harvard Law professor and liberal icon Alan Dershowitz, a frequent speaker on university campuses, traces the growing hate directed at Jewish students and faculty to the willingness of Obama to embrace and thereby legitimize the hard evil of those who hate, "thus blurring the line between legitimate political criticism and illegitimate bigotry."

Such is the nature of soft evil. In international affairs, in abortion, in healthcare, in millions of new regulations and taxes, in a thousand ways and relationships the lines between unalienable rights and illegitimate policy are blurred. Soft evil whispers "power" and Obama smiles.

Take a look around this country. Outside the Beltway, we are all Jews now.

Do you remember last year when Democrats insisted that vague terminology they called aggressive was inciting people to evil acts. They could not smear the Tea Party movement fast enough, and they looked long and hard for slights they could exaggerate into the basis for outrage.

Yesterday we find out that the union thugs who are rioting in Madison, Wisconsin have put vile threats of death on signs, have verbally threatened to kill the legislators and Governor Walker, and have also sent vicious emails with threats not only to kill the legislators, but their families, children and wives. Democrats of course are rushing to the microphone to loudly proclaim, these people should be doing this, because the act of voting to reverse some laws that Democrats passed are shameful and deserving of death.

Hate language has a double standard. Anything said by a Republican is vile and unacceptable unless Democrats approve. Anything said by a Democrat is justified and acceptable irrespective of its truth. This is freedom of speech in America today.

Stuart Schwarz has written an article that goes behind this double standard and addresses the subtle process of Soft Evil that is the foundation of this double standard. Though covered up with his laughing smile and non threatening manner, Barack Obama is the master of soft evil. From dealing with Qaddafi to the issue of bullying by some children, Barack Obama is on the job and insinuating Government Czars into every issue of our daily lives and the lives of those around the world.

The problem is that outside America Obama is considered a joke and no one listens to him. Inside America, Obama is expanding the government goon squads so rapidly that we citizens have no choice. His whim is our law. His hate for those of us who disagree with him is merely one more brick in his wall of defensiveness. The end result is, as the article stated, "Outside the Beltway, we are all Jews now."

Obama is slowly constructing a government that can pick and choose who has rights. And those of us who are "jews" have no rights.


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