Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A ‘Green’ Catastrophe
In The Making

by Arnold Ahlert - March 1st, 2011 - Jewish World Review

For the last four decades, Americans, who favor domestic energy production by a two-to-one margin, have been told that we are being "held hostage" by oil-exporting nations. That is, quite simply, a lie. America is holding itself hostage, courtesy of progressives for whom no amount of economic upheaval, no number of job losses, and no increase in the national debt or deficit spending is too high a price to pay for the continued implementation of their "green" agenda. Even America's national security is a secondary consideration for a movement whose philosophy can be reduced to one over-riding idea:

We have to destroy America in order to save it.

The save it part is not possible. The destroy it part is well under way. It is happening at the hands of left wing progressives whose hatred for America exceeds all common sense.


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