Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama Assaults Democracy
By Rejecting Popular Consent

by Kelly O'Connell - February 20th, 2011 - Canada Free Press

“Just 28% believe federal government today has the consent of the governed.” This creates several problems for Obama. First, most Americans do not experience government as representational. This is dangerous because it breeds a fatalistic and cynical populace increasingly disconnected from Washington, and all that implies.

Second, it forces a constitutional crisis. For, despite Barack’s poisonously smug demeanor in every setting, and claims of constitutional mastery, this creates a de facto lawless regime. For if Obama is continually defying the will of the people at every turn, he has created an anti-constitutional tyranny, and therefore must be stopped.

In conclusion, we have a constitutional, Natural Law duty to see Obama driven from office by impeachment. Because the only moral government, according to our Constitution, is one that derives its legitimacy from the Consent of the Governed, an idea Barack ha[s] refused to honor since gaining office.

This article includes a litany of issues where Obama is opposed by the American people. However one stood out as a perfect example of why it is rational to declare Obama a tyrant. "Only 18% believe the Obama myth that the greatness of America came from government." Trying to jam government solutions down the throats of a people who reject the idea is the very definition of tyranny.

I agree with the writer. Obama is a tyrant. He should be impeached.


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