Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three Articles About
Our Marxist President

The following three articles were all published today. Though each in its own way summarizes more than just recent mistakes, they all seem triggered by the abysmal performance by the Obama Administration in everything it tries. They are all excellent articles by brilliant individuals who have studied our President well.

Obama & The Human Stain by Kelly O'Connell - How Political Correctness Gave America a Con-Man President

Wanted: A Grand Strategy for America by Niall Ferguson - Obama’s Egypt debacle and the vacuum it exposes

Does Obama Want the Best for America or Does He Want to Destroy It? by Jack Kerwick - Our president is determined to see the historic nation that is the real America go the way of the dinosaur

The general consensus in these articles is that Obama is a malignant narcissist, an extreme Marxist, out of touch with reality, coddled by a left wing press, ignorant of history, baffled by strategy, devoted to politically correct delusions and a master con-man who surrounds himself with yes-men who pamper his ego.

The summation of these flaws is simple. Obama will never make the right decision for America. Ever.


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