Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama’s War On Democracy

Editorial - February 18th, 2011 - Washington Times

The political unrest in Wisconsin, billed as some kind of grass-roots uprising, is being organized and directed by Barack Obama's Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee. This development is consistent with Mr. Obama's instructions for supporters to "get in the face" of those who oppose them, but in this case, they are seeking to derail a lawful legislative process...

Dan Grandone, state director for the president's campaign apparatus, accused Gov. Scott Walker of "ignoring Wisconsin voices today and asking for the power to drown them out permanently tomorrow." It is important to note that the voices of which Mr. Grandone speaks are not those of the public at large. Voters sent an unmistakable message in November by taking solid majorities in the state Assembly and Senate away from Democrats and handing even greater control to Republicans...

That the protesters speak in a different voice can be seen in the signs they carry. Many compare Mr. Walker to Hitler, Mussolini or Hosni Mubarak. One placard had the slogan "Repeal Walker" with the governor's head in sniperscope cross hairs. This is the symbolism that Democrats recently denounced as "hate-filled rhetoric," and it is far from the voice of the public. It is rather the voice of an entitled class that seeks by any means to stop its free ride from coming to an end.

In the private conversations of progressives , un-democratic views are common. One of the standard progressive lines about gaining power is the famous quote, "One man, one vote, one time." This is the progressive concept that once power has been acquired in a single election, elections will cease and progressives will exercise power without recourse to feedback from the public by such "contemptible" actions as elections. That leaves no risk in the public voting them out.

Since Obama's election, it has been noted that progressives have long advocated the Cloward-Piven strategy of collapsing freedom in America by making government promises that cannot be kept. This means increasing welfare and public employee pay until government is bankrupt. No matter how much Obama and his progressive minions insist this is not their goal, it is difficult to see anything in their actions that would contradict it is their plan.

It is clear that Obama does not see himself as representing the people of America nearly so much as he sees himself representing labor union leaders in their quest for forced unionization. It is equally clear that Obama and progressives really do not believe democratic elections should have consequences -- unless they win of course.


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