Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The West's Proxy War
Against the Jews

by Caroline Glick - March 1st, 2011 - TownHall.com

It was a stunning moment of moral clarity. As the South Vietnamese refugees clambered onto rickety boats in the South China Sea to escape the victorious Communists, the American Left that orchestrated the US defeat through a sustained campaign of propaganda and fake calls for peace stood silent...

The silence of the likes of Susan Sontag, Jane Fonda, Noam Chomsky and their fellow travelers came to mind last week when the Western media and intellectual elites averted their gaze as Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the long exiled spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood spoke before a crowd of millions at Cairo's Tahrir Square...

Two important things happened during Qaradawi's appearance in Cairo. First, his handlers refused to allow Google's Egyptian Internet revolutionary Wael Ghonim to join the cleric on the dais. For anyone willing to notice, Qaradawi's message in spurning Ghonim was indisputable. As far as the jihadists are concerned, Ghonim and his fellow Internet activists are the present day equivalent of Lenin's useful idiots.

They did their job of convincing credulous Western liberals that the overthrow of Mubarak was all about sweetness and light.

And now they are no longer needed.

The second message was Qaradawi's call to destroy Israel.

It is clear that thanks to progressives in the Western Democracies the arc of history is going to favor the Islamist extremists in this nation of 90% Sunni Muslims. Even before Mubarak was overthrown, it was clear that the jihadist hatred for the Coptic Christian minority was getting out of hand.

It appears that another Islamist nation, Egypt, is about to join the active jihad against the infidel Jews and Christians. Though Muslims flip their focus from one to the other and then back, there is little to suggest that Islam will ever fail to find all the hatred they need for anyone who is not a Muslim.

Even within that community of Islam, there is competition to see who is the more devout -- and dedicated to the death of all infidels. With the Shiite Muslims of Iran being neither Sunni nor Arab, it is not likely to seek a union with Sunni and Arab Egypt. However even a competition to see who is the more violent against infidels will condemn our world to the provision of arms to violent jihadists bent on the re-institution of the Caliphate. With Pakistan already having nuclear arms and Iran clearly well on the way, both branches of this violent religion are about to have access to arms that could turn our world into a nuclear holocaust.

Even worse, Egypt is sure to join this nuclear arms race and they have the technical expertise to make it happen quickly. Libya almost had nuclear weapons until Qaddafi's fear of George W. Bush caused him to give up the program to save him from invasion. Now it appears that Qaddafi is going to shortly be gone anyway, and this jihadist campaign will reappear quickly in Libya. They have the oil money to acquire nuclear weapons quickly too.

In short order, the desire of progressives in the West to see their fellow travellers in Islam on top in the Middle East will be reality. That will be followed shortly by 4 nuclear capable Islamist states competing to support the Islamo-fascist groups. Do not think for a minute that this will be good for Western Civilization -- or even good for individual freedom of the people in the Muslim countries.


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