Saturday, May 28, 2011

From Worst Disaster
To Biggest Embarrassment

by Humberto Fontova - May 27th, 2011 - The Washington Times

“It cannot be repeated often enough,” says Louisiana marine biologist Jerald Horst. "Crude oil is a natural substance; it’s biodegradable. It’s a feast for microbes. And these consumed most of it from the BP spill.” The horrid black goo that leaked into the Gulf of Mexico from the BP spill last year is certainly toxic - but so are broccoli, beer and salt. It all depends on the dosage. In fact, that horrid black goo has spilled naturally into the Gulf for millenniums - at the rate of two Exxon Valdez spills annually.

This is an article that dispels the chicken little hysteria of the environmental extremists. Or it would if they cared about reality instead of demagoguery. But they don't. They lie about anything to promote their religion of government tyranny. They want a government powerful enough to take away cheap energy. That is the true agenda. Political power.

They really could care less about oil versus wind.


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