Friday, May 06, 2011

Labour May Have Just
Destroyed The Union
– It Has Nothing To Celebrate

by Benedict Brogan - May 6th, 2011 - The London Telegraph

What we are seeing is the consequence of twenty years of Labour opportunism in Scotland. In the 1980s Labour, driven on by a young Gordon Brown, responded to Margaret Thatcher by egging on hatred of her that carried unmistakeably anti-English overtones. They pushed devolution as an alternative to counter the SNP, but assured us it would put the Nats in a box and save the Union. After 1998 as Chancellor Mr Brown focused on extending Scotland’s reliance on public money and Labour munificence. But he encouraged the politics of grievance and a form of fantasy economics that insisted that the pot of English public money was unlimited. If Scotland has said ‘enough’ this morning, it would be nice to think that it is because it wants no more of the sclerotic, public sector clientism of Labour politics that have paralysed huge chunks of Scotland for so long, though I doubt it. Alex Salmond is promising that referendum...

The growing threat of the United Kingdom breaking apart is given no credibility by some. Unfortunately it is the same group that thinks that America is not at risk of breaking apart either. Yet both are credible possibilities due to the hate mongering of those on the left.

When your enemies are constantly referred to as evil, racists, wishing for the death of old people, there comes a time when it is no longer possible for the people being derided to turn the other cheek and pretend it is just politics. Separation, if not civil war, is usually the answer.

America can be torn apart. It is starting to happen... just as it is starting to happen to Great Britain.


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