Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate
Proved Americans Are Powerless

by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro  - April 27th 2011 - Big Journalism

Many Americans were shocked yesterday when President Obama finally released his long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. The real surprise however is that for the past three years our democratic institutions did not address the matter.

The press refused to tackle this issue with the same investigative drive with which they did investigate Watergate, President Clinton’s alleged indiscretions and the Bush administration’s missteps in Iraq – the courts declined to hear a single case on the issue, and the Congress failed to hold any hearings on the matter. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is its ending.

President Obama did not release the birth certificate because the media pressured him or because the courts actually listened to one of the many cases that were filed. He released it because an obsessed billionaire threatened his electability in 2012, which forces us to ask the question – what good are our democratic institutions if they don’t stand up for the people?

The answer to that question is simple - our institutions have become useless and have no interest in defending the freedom of our citizens. The courts in America are a fraud. The press is overwhelmingly dominated by America hating progressives. Congress is indifferent to the citizens who elect them as both parties have been coopted into a beltway culture of corruption.

The clear definition of the term "natural born citizen" was documented in the Federalist Papers. Our President must be a "natural born citizen" as our Constitution proclims. Nothing has happened in the interim to change that definition save that one of our major parties, the Democrats, are adamantly determined that it should no longer apply in their global socialist utopia. Because that definition means, someone born on our soil of parents who are both citizens at the time of birth. That conflicts with the Democrat movement to be citizens of the world.

As a result of intimidation and coercion, the socialists of the Democrat Party have succeeded in having that "natural born citizen" requirement for President thrown out of our Constitution without the people having any say in the matter. The election of Barack Hussein Obama, II is simply the final nail in the coffin of that previously ruling document that all officers in our nation swear an oath to uphold. None do.

Today America has no Constitution. Ruling power comes from a gun. Whenever that happens it always winds up with the ultimate power being decided by blood in the streets. Sadly, that day comes closer with each abuse of power by the Dictator (not President), Barack Obama.


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