Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones Released
From Custody After
His Bond Is Posted

by Staff - April 21st, 2011 - WXYZ TV (ABC Affiliate)

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad... took the stand to testify. Chief Haddad denied the permit request that would allow the protest to take place outside of the mosque. He testified that there were concerns over safety.

[Pastor] Terry Jones also questioned Chief Haddad. He referred to a conversation he had with the Chief and asked him what his impression was after they had met. Chief Haddad responded that Jones was cordial and did not appear to be violent in nature.


Jones... said the reason he and Sapp would not protest at the court house is because they are not protesting American laws. He says he wants to protest at the Islamic Center of America because that is the right venue for his protest, which is against radical Islam.

Then, addressing arguments about the traffic problem, Jones asked is that a "good enough" reason to "deny someone' rights?"

After Jones wrapped up his closing argument, his associate Wayne Sapp gave his. He began by saying that the prosecution was arguing that their actions were intending to breach the peace. However, he said all of the evidence prosecutors have presented is about the actions of others. He said the jury must judge the case on their actions and not those of others.

Sapp then referenced a video presented by prosecutors as evidence, saying it did not show any violence either by them or on their behalf.

However the gutless jury did not accept this argument. They convicted Pastor Jones for inciting violence based on the planned actions of the Muslims - who threatened to riot if Pastor Jones was not denied the same right to speak as the Muslims demand for themselves.

We have arrived at the most incredible state in our nation. A complete double standard.

If Democrats throw pies at Ann Coulter when she tries to speak peaceably, she is denied the right to speak.

Government officials deny any group the right to interfere with Democrat speakers, and even deny Ann Coulter the right to speak because it will hypothetically incite others to harm those who agree with her based on the prior violence of her opponents.

If Muslims threaten violence against Pastor Jones for peacefully demonstrating against the violence in their religion, he is denied the right to protest.

Muslims are protected to assure they can demonstrate anywhere they want.

If Muslims burn an American flag the government will send in the National Guard to assure no one interferes with their right to hate America.

If you burn a Koran they will send in the National Guard to bar you from offending the Muslims.

The double standard is intolerable. Democrats, through their progressive agenda, are destroying the rights of anyone who cherishes the good in our nation. Democrats are aligning themselves with anyone who wishes us harm. The Alinsky rules are not hard to follow. This double standard is one of them. The concept is to ridiculously use our own rules to destroy us. It is the motivation that Americans must wake up to. A majority of Democrats wish to destroy our nation. Those Democrats who do not wish to destroy our nation are just as contemptible as those who do since they empower the evil by refusing to see it.

The ruling by this jury is insane.

Democrats have declared war against our nation and it is time for those who oppose them to stop deluding themselves it is still 'just politics'.


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