Friday, April 22, 2011

About The Birth Certificate

by Benjamin Shapiro - April 22nd, 2011 - Front Page Magazine

Two days ago, Matt Drudge linked to a new book by Jerome Corsi, unflinchingly titled Where’s the Birth Certificate? The book immediately leapt to number one on, where it has remained ever since. The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people. How could so many people question President Obama’s birthplace? How could they wonder about his origins? Are they all simply racist?

The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American? The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion); instead, it merely signifies that President Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles and traditions. He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative. He is the representative of the Fareed Zakaria ideology at work, celebrating the post-American world.

When America elects a president like this, many Americans begin wondering how it happened.

This article is a book report summarizing the incredible question of why so many doubt our President was born here. The argument that it is not so much that his birth in Hawaii is questioned but that he does not represent our values is an intriguing argument.

Again and again people struggle with the idea of what motivates Obama. There is even a book that notes the rumor that Obama believed he would become the Prime Minister of Indonesia when he was growing up there. It supports both the idea that Obama has always been a malignant narcissist and that he is fundamentally not American.

This idea, that Obama is un-American, along with the search for clarity as to what he is and what motivates him, will never go away until the answer is understood. Of course to me there is an equally intriguing question. How can someone who so clearly represents un-American ideas be so passionately supported by people who simultaneously try to claim that they are patriots? Do they really not undersand why we doubt their patriotism when they so clearly attack what our nation stands for?


At 1:24 AM, Blogger IgorMarxo said...

Difference between USSR Communist media and USA "mainstream media"

In Russia government make media say what they want - even if lie.

In USA "mainstream media" try make government what they want - even if lie..

.....eventually they become same thing?!

Old Russian saying You can tell same lie 1000 time but not change truth!

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Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama Care vs Igor Care

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Dean Stephens said...

@ Igor - Thanks for the comment. The birth certificate is great. I needed a little humor this morning.


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