Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Mysterious Mr. O

by Robin of Berkeley - May 4th, 2011 - The American Thinker

Imagine this scenario: You're divorcing your spouse, but he or she refuses to release personal financial records. You both hire attorneys. In fact, your ex spends a substantial amount of money on legal fees to avoid the release of records. Your spouse enlists the help of officials and governors all over the country to keep the information well hidden.

And one day, years later, your ex releases the sought after documents. You scratch your head in wonderment. Why did this person hide them in the first place?

Robin of Berkeley is a very intelligent former liberal who has become a conservative of conviction. She has an intriguing talent to explain the motivations of liberals through the insight of being one until quite recently. She is also a psychotherapist and understands people very well. For those reasons, and because she is bright and a good writer, her articles are extremely useful in helping to bridge misunderstandings.  

Yet the intriguing and bizarre actions by Obama over his birth certificate are still something that many are struggling with, even Robin. As I wrote a few days ago, I am convinced his hiding the birth certificate was a complex need to defend the myth of Obama on which the Magic Marxist Messiah idolatry of his followers was built. That is my hypothesis. Yet Robin is correct when she notes the following:

There are plenty of other enigmas about the mysterious Mr. O. And these may not be resolved so easily: the questions about his Social Security number; the trip to Pakistan as a college student; the missing college and law school transcripts and client roster in private practice. And why exactly are Barack and Michelle no longer licensed to practice law?

But the biggest riddle about Obama isn't his lack of a paper trail; it's the man himself. He's been the most prominent person in the world for over four years now. But the longer he's around, the less we know about him.

He is an enigma. We really do not know him. That is not a good thing. Not even the deceitful and duplicitous Machiavelli ever recommended that a leader be so inconsistent that his nation had huge majorities who despise and distrust them. However that is the reaction of many to a man who we don't understand at all.

The problem is that no one trusts a chameleon who flips from hiding in the background to attempting to stand out with no rational pattern to either act. That is Obama.


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