Friday, April 29, 2011

Myths, Lies And Cover-ups

The myth of Barack Hussein Obama, II has long been promulgated by those on the left, repeating the story told by Obama in his autobiography. This same myth was endlessly repeated on the campaign trail.

It was such a magnificent myth.

Obama's father was a goatherder, who heard a powerful speech by President John F. Kennedy about the civil rights movement in America. In response he came here in an airlift organized by that martyred President to find a better life for himself and his nation of Kenya. He married Stanley Ann Dunham, and lived with her until his son was 2 years old. It was according to Obama, a marriage of love and vision. "My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation."

This myth is now known to be a total amalgam of lies. The birth certificate Obama II has finally provided, after years of his typical deceit and denial, is the final proof needed to destroy the myth.

The reality is that Obama Sr. came to America long before John F. Kennedy was President. Dwight Eisenhower still had that job when Obama Sr. arrived. Obama Sr. was never a goatherder, but was a clerk in Kenyan government offices. He came here not under some tutelage from a Kennedy airlift, but as a private student. His funding was wealthy people who were giving Africans special advantages out of guilt, government grants from Kenya, along with the American taxpayer's money.

Obama Sr. was a womanizer who sought an American wife to prohibit being expelled. There is still no record of the claimed marriage, but many records, including the newly released birth certificate, proved that the couple never lived together. Ann lived with her parents, while Obama Sr. lived separately. His acquaintances of the time do not remember any relationship, much less a marriage. No surprise. He was known to be married with children in Kenya and the marriage was a crime of bigamy for Obama Sr. After the fact, he told the University of Hawaii the lie that he had divorced his Kenyan wife. It is claimed he also told Ann this lie. "Anarchist Ann" (her early nick name) was 3 months pregnant when the marriage supposedly took place.

Immediately after Obama II was born, Ann moved to Seattle Washington to attend University there and did not return until after Obama Sr. had left Hawaii to attend Harvard. After the birth they were never together again before their divorce. Barrack Sr. did not leave his son, Barack II when he was 2 years old. He abandoned him at birth. And note the spelling with two 'r's for the father, indicating perhaps that Ann did not even know how the father's name was correctly spelled when she named her son.

There was never an "improbable love". There was never an "abiding faith". Except perhaps a contempt for America that Ann and Barrack Sr. exhibited in the left wing extremist world of socialists and communists in which they both moved. The same world in which Ann raised her son.

It is now clear that the cover-up (Obama II spent over $1 million in legal fees hiding the birth certificate) was never anything more complicated than the cover-up of his appalling willingness to lie to the American people. The myth was a lie. The cover-up was an even more contemptible and arrogant lie. Both are typical of his continuing lies on almost every issue that comes up, very much like his father. That truth is what Obama II wanted to cover-up. Even a complicit press can not hide that now.


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