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What’s for lunch?
Whatever The
Mama Grizzly Wants!

by Frank Miele - June 4th, 2011 - The Daily Interlake (Northwest Montana)

A lot of people wonder why I like Sarah Palin so much.

No, she isn’t polished. No, she isn’t sophisticated. In fact, she can best be summed up with an anagram of her last name: Palin is Plain. Plain-spoken. Plain dealing. Plain and simple.

Does that mean she is not smart? Hardly.

Does it mean she is not competent? Hardly.

Does it mean she is dangerous? Only if you think complicated lies are better for the country than the plain truth.

Because what Palin and a lot of other conservative women [and men] bring to the table is a passion for honesty, simplicity and righteousness. That’s not something you learn in college. It’s something bred into the bone.

As Alexis de Tocqueville observed more than 150 years ago, in a simpler era, “The Americans ... have not required to extract their philosophical method from books; they have found it in themselves.”

Thus, Palin, unlike many other modern politicians, does not need to be told what she believes. She does not need to put her finger in the air to see which way the wind blows. Nor does she revise her right and wrong to adjust to the latest fashion.

She is who she is — take it or leave it.

A lot of people wonder why I like Frank Miele so much. It is because of articles like this one.

With references to Sun Tzu and Tocqueville (along with some truly appropriate quotes from each) Frank Miele easily eviscerates the arrogance of the MSM (Main Stream Media for those who are not up on Internet lingo) and describes some of the attributes that are causing Palin to remain so popular with a huge segment of our nation.

On the trite and trivial attacks against Palin that have dominated the last week, Frank Miele writes:
We’ve heard the media complain about virtually every aspect of the bus tour, even ridiculously claiming that Palin was putting reporters’ lives at jeopardy because they didn’t know where she was going, so they might do something stupid to try to keep up with her.

We’ve heard liberals who would loudly support anyone’s right to burn the U.S. flag as a matter of principle roundly criticize Palin because she had dared to show a stylized representation of the flag on the side of the bus and thus broke the “law.” (She didn’t.)

We’ve heard politicians grumble that she had rained on Mitt Romney’s parade by visiting Massachusetts while he was announcing his hopeless quest for the presidency in neighboring New Hampshire. (Poor Mitt!)

We’ve heard her denounced because she plainly ISN’T running for president, but just wants to make money. And we’ve heard her denounced just as vociferously because she plainly IS running for president, and refuses to say so!

We’ve even heard her and Donald Trump blasted for eating pizza with a knife and fork. Dastardly knaves!

In other words, we’ve heard all kinds of whining about how Palin won’t play by the rules [their rules], darn her.

I love it. And clearly the masterful writer Frank Miele loves it as well. I will never fail to look up Miele's editorials. He has become for many on the Internet required reading. His closing line here is masterful. I highly recommend you click on the link to his editorial and read it for yourself.

One quote in the article that I will use again is the line of Tocqueville about American women, [Who even while a young girl] "already thinks for herself, speaks with freedom, and acts on her own impulse... The vices and dangers of society are early revealed to her; as she sees them clearly, she views them without illusions, and braves them without fear; for she is full of reliance on her own strength, and her reliance seems to be shared by all who are about her.”

That sums up American women, including Sarah Palin, pretty well.


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