Sunday, July 10, 2011

Education Or Disruption?

by Frank Miele - July 9th, 2011 - The Daily Interlake (Montana)

The 'Great Delusion' of Deweyism helped turn America against itself

Of course, it is no mystery who would argue that the free enterprise system is bad β€” socialists (or put plainly, communists) or for those who fancy themselves a bit more intellectual: followers of Karl Marx. This really gets down to the crux of what we have been looking for β€” an explanation of how American values could have been subverted in a relatively short time span from rugged individualism to weak-kneed collectivism.

The answer, it turns out, has been staring us in the face.


It was our own character traits of tolerance and openness that made it possible for enemies of the American way of life to work from within to destroy it, and then to encourage the rest of us to thank them for it.

And behind it all, there was a nearly universal attempt to scrub American traditions out of education and replace them with a traducement of our values. Traducement, according to Webster, means β€œto expose to shame or blame by means of falsehood and misrepresentation.” I can think of no more accurate assessment of the indoctrination of American students that has taken place...

What started as the good traits for a culture has resulted in the destruction of that culture. That is where we stand today. Our culture is in shambles. We are racing towards a future that is dominated by a federal government that is a mockery of the freedom which our founders created. Equal opportunity is being replaced by equal results. We will not avoid the standard result. Just as every single socialist nation of the last century lived through a blood bath by its rulers, America is headed down that path.

When the government goons come to kill you, please don't whine about how unfair it is. You stood by and let it happen. Just as the gullible in Russia were not innocent of their deaths from Stalin's purges, and Mao's millions were equally complicit, the blood bath in America will be deserved by the vast majority of those who will die. The anomaly of America, a nation of freedom, will probably never happen again. We earned this consequence because we let it happen. We threw it away.


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