Tuesday, June 28, 2011

President Quixote's Legacy:

Confused, Ill-Educated and
Not Too Bright

by Monty Pelerin - June 28th, 2011 - The American Thinker

How dangerous this delusional man might be is moot. What seems no longer at issue is Obama's "superior intelligence." Obama's belief system is dominated by the dismissed exploitation theories of Karl Marx and the 60's-style radicals he grew up around. The Reverend Wright preached to him for twenty years about exploitation in terms of Black Liberation Theology. An unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, was a close friend and arguably author of one of Obama's autobiographies. His personally selected "Czars" are the sorriest collection of Presidential advisors ever, at least in terms of reflecting American values and beliefs.

Many went on the same intellectual voyage that Obama did. Most of us outgrew this nonsense, usually by our mid-twenties. Obama never did. He is still a child, intellectually undeveloped and locked into the ideas from the 60's -- both the 1960s and the Marxist 1860s. In that sense he is an intellectual dwarf, frozen in the equivalent of a state of intellectual puberty. His "knowledge" is based on nothing but the discredited ideologies of Socialism.

The claim that Obama is the smartest man to ever hold presidential office is absurd and a reflection on the state of our media who insist on propping up this man-child. Obama's obsession with keeping his college records and personal past secret is prima facie evidence that the claim is untrue. His knowledge base and dismal performance on the world stage is even more damning.

Instead of having a superior intellect, we likely have the most ignorant, ideological, brainwashed dupe this country has ever elected to high office.

The rest of this article is a well document litany of why this summation above is so accurate. With references to the astute analysis by Thomas Sowell (including a couple of links to articles by Sowell that are brilliant in their assessment) Mr. Pelerin eviscerates the constant mantra from the deluded left that Obama is not a socialist and not an extremist. He is both. And even worse, not too bright.

What is sad is that so many are still suffering the same delusion they suffered in 2008. Though getting fewer with every day that passes, the truth about Obama's narcissistic incompetence is clear to see. Our corrupt left wing extremist teachers have done their brainwashing well or he would never have been elected to being with.


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