Monday, June 13, 2011

The Dark World Of The
Arab Child Slave Trade

by Stephen Brown - June 10th, 2011 - Front Page Magazine

In a story last week in the British newspaper The Sun, a private investigator stated that Madeleine McCann, the subject of probably the world’s most famous unsolved kidnapping case, is in the United States. The British girl was three years old when she went missing five years ago from a seaside resort in Portugal, where her parents were vacationing. The Portuguese police, in what has been termed a “bungled investigation,” at first accused the parents of the abduction but later cleared them. Portuguese security officials halted their investigation to find the missing child in 2008 after stating she had probably been “stolen to order.”

Since her disappearance, numerous alleged sightings have been made of the little girl across Europe, Africa, in North America and in Australia. The investigator making the latest claim concerning McCann’s whereabouts is an amateur sleuth originally from Angola. He told The Sun that a Portuguese pedophile ring, also responsible for other child abductions, took the McCann girl and has handed his findings over to authorities. The claim that a pedophile ring is responsible for McCann’s disappearance has been made before, especially concerning one in Belgium. And while Madeleine McCann may have very well been snatched by such evil hands, it is surprising that an equally depraved institution — one of gigantic size — has never even been considered by investigators or the media as McCann’s possible kidnapper: namely, the Arab child slave trade.

What I find bizarre about this article, is the evasiveness of the title in not attributing the Slave Trade to Islam and the Muslim religion. Though the term Arab is intended to imply this, it is in reality a continuation of the dishonesty about the relationship between Islam and slavery that has been so adamantly embraced by Democrats (progressives) and blacks for the last sixty years.

It is politically correct to state that an enslaved girl might be in the United States.

It is politically incorrect to acknowledge that slavery has for eight centuries been promoted by Islam. Its favorite victims are blacks. It has been true since the time of Muhammad. And it is still true.

While most civilized people nowadays recoil in horror from the idea of slavery, especially when it involves children, many fundamentalist Middle Eastern Muslims do not. In fact, they view the psychological death and destruction of innocent lives as their legal right. Under sharia law, which rules the Sudan and the Gulf States, Muslims are legally allowed to own slaves. Bernard Lewis, the eminent scholar of Islam, writes “…the institution of slavery is not only recognized but is elaborately regulated by Sharia law.” Another reason for this inhuman sense of entitlement is the prophet Muhammad was also a slave owner, setting the example for the fundamentalists.

You have to wonder if Pastor Jeremiah Wright would be so anti-white if he understood the historical legacy of Islam in the creation of the slave trade to the new world. It is also ironic if not bordering on idiocy that Louis Farrakhan embraces the religion that was the foundation for black slavery in the new world while reviling the white people whose creation of the abolition movement ended slavery in Western Civilizations. It is only in the Islamic countries that slavery against blacks is still an active practice.

It was as recently as 2008 that the widow of the Emir of Abu Dhabi and her daughters were caught keeping more than 20 slaves in their home in Brussels, Belgium. She was outraged when the Western authorities freed her slaves. The article also talks about the tolerance for this practice by the so-called "civilized" nation of Kuwait, for whom America shed blood and spent a fortune freeing it from Saddam Hussein. There a female legislator promoted the idea of buying Russian women who were captured in Chechnya so that Muslim men could be "protected from adultery" by using the Russian women as sex slaves and prostitutes.

Where in a civilized nation would someone tolerate such an abhorrent statement?

Even our black President seems to be immune from any idea that Islam be held accountable for its ongoing tolerance for slavery. It is politically incorrect to even state that it is happening. And Barack Obama is nothing if not politically correct.


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