Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's Obama's Economy, Stupid

by Jonah Goldberg - June 7th, 2011 - Los Angeles Times

... Obama acts like he knows everything. From Day One, this White House has been cocksure about how to get us out of the economic ditch. In every major relevant speech, he has stuck with a consistent message: We know what to do and the Republicans don't. "I will not sacrifice the core investments we need to grow and create jobs," Obama insisted yet again in his April budget speech.

So what does this guy have to do to get the blame for the bad economy? Mark Halperin, an analyst for MSNBC and Time magazine, was asked on the "Today" show over the weekend about the political impact of the bad economy. He assured viewers that the president was totally engaged in the need for job creation. "The Republicans, though, have the onus on them to come forward with some ideas... "

This article is an excellent summation of the standard line the Democrats have been touting. Though the current recession was caused primarily by Democrat legislation passed by a congress, both houses of which have been totally controlled by Democrats since 2006, they never ever stop blaming Bush and the Republicans.

With the election of Obama in 2008, we now have had 5 years of Democrat legislation including 3 years of absolutely total control by that party, and still they cannot produce even a budget, much less a plan to end the recession. Even worse, the recession is getting worse and heading towards a depression. Home prices have now declined more under Democrat control than they declined during the depression. Manufacturing is collapsing. Inflation is rampant due to Obama fiscal policy. China is abandoning loaning us money.

The Democrat assessment? Republicans need to come up with some ideas... which of course the Democrats will ridicule with a cocksure confidence, based entirely on the knowledge that the MSM will never criticize Democrats. Republicans have finally (this year) gotten a small finger in the dike of spending by taking over the lower house of congress, but Democrats act like they don't control the upper house of congress and the entire executive branch. All they do is whine about Republicans.

Democrats have spent trillions of dollars of borrowed money and unemployment is higher than it would have been if they had simply done nothing. How many years will it take before someone says, "You own it. Fix it!"

Well, finally, someone has had the guts to do that. This is one of Jonah's best articles ever.


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