Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Rise Of The
Post-American Empires

by Daniel Greenfield - June 8th, 2011 - Canada Free Press

When the Utopians of the left talk about a Post-American world, they mean a great borderless globe ruled over by international law, where there are no more citizens or nations, just people who happen to enjoy working and living in New York, Shanghai or Islamabad. This digital jet setting globocratic version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is their envisioned outcome of globalization. No more governments. Only one single world girdling government.

But what the Utopians have never realized is that this vision is not universal, it springs from a Western liberal messianism that is big on faith in progressive government, and disdains national and tribal identities. And that means it is a vision that most of the globe does not share. And is never likely to share. The Utopians want an end to national power and cultural imperialism, but their globalist vision is cultural imperialism backed by national power.

Daniel Greenfield is becoming like Thomas Sowell. A man who has wide ranging views that are almost always based on truly understanding what is taking place.

This article does a magnificent job of explaining the incredibly naive view that world government can come out of the U.N. taking power over all governments. The power of the U.N. to influence third world countries is the power of the Western Civilizations to use their economic and military force for good. Yet the takeover by the U.N. abandons and destroys the very force on which the U.N. currently relies for its power. The Utopian dreamers do not seem to get this.

I love the following paragraph from the article:

You can’t export a revolution based on the rights of the individual, to cultures that don’t believe in the supremacy of the individual over the system. China’s Confucianism and Islam’s theocratic fascism have their own definition of law, and they don’t derive from the rights of the individual. While Americans rapturously praise democracy, they [non Western cultures] don’t see the point. One man, one vote, is nothing special to cultures that don’t believe one man counts for anything unless he dies gloriously in battle or shoveling manure on a collective farm.

Dream world illusion is the basis for a political movement that is touting destruction of the power for good that they rely on to influence the rest of the world. How can these people be so unconnected to reality?

We are in serious trouble. Barack Obama daily attacks the economic power of the nation he rules with no understanding of the need for that power to allow him to rule. Half our nation shares his delusion.


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