Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Obama’s “Malaise Moment”

by John Steele Gordon - July 27th, 2011 - Commentary Magazine

Was last night’s speech by President Obama his “malaise moment,” the moment when American popular opinion froze into an enduring, and negative image of this president? It was classic Obama: elitist, condescending, impolitic, self-obsessed, and dishonest. As Bill Kristol points out, his description of the debt ceiling (which he apparently regards as so arcane a concept that most of the peasantry–oh, sorry, American citizens–have never heard of it) is flatly false.

The Magic Marxist Messiah has successfully refuted all the claims for his omnipotence. His Magic wins have ended. His denial of his Marxist beliefs to "main street" while he proclaims his permanent loyalty to Marxist beliefs to his followers has now been "outed". His Messiah proclamations of healing the planet and stopping the oceans from rising have become the farce of late night comedy.

Barack Obama has become a joke. Not the old always popular kind of joke, but the stale will he never go away I think I am going to puke kind of joke. The consequences for America during the next two years still have to play out. The consequences for Obama are nearly cast in stone.

Does anyone remember two short years ago when Democrats were announcing the death of the Republican Party and predicting with certainty that Democrats (and their progressive agenda) would rule our nation for the next forty years?


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