Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Party Rule Is Held At Bay

Judge Robert Holt Edmunds, Jr. is an important man to conservatives and the people in North Carolina who believe in the rule of law. As he notes in his speeches before various groups in his campaign to retain his seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court, he is the primary target of the Democrat Party this year. Judge Bob Edmunds holds the balance of power on our politicized courts. The Democrats hold the Governorship, the Senate and the House. If they defeat him they will control the courts as well, and they want it all.

One man, Judge Bob Edmunds, is the only man keeping the Democrats from holding ALL power in the state of North Carolina. With the corruption displayed by Democrats in the Legislative branch (proven by the number in jail or under indictment), there is little doubt that this campaign to unseat Judge Bob Edmunds has but one purpose. That is to remove the block from overturning convictions of corrupt Democrats that one power rule could allow. The Democrats also want to assure that gerrymandering done to continue holding unjust political power is not challenged by an ethical judiciary.

There is an excellent posting by the News & Observer outlining the details of Judge Edmunds career which can be found here. Wikipedia has additional information here (though it is important to remember the strong liberal bias of this group). There is a nice summary on the Downeast Republican web site which can be found here. The official North Carolina court biography can be found here.

The highlights are that Judge Edmunds has been a naval officer, assistant district attorney, assistant U.S. attorney, U.S. attorney (appointed by Ronald Reagan), associate judge on the N.C. Court of Appeals, and was elected to the N.C. Supreme Court in 2001, defeating an incumbent Democrat.

Judge Edmunds has been a great Justice, repeatedly defending the independence of the judiciary and the ethical need for following the rule of law. Without him, government in North Carolina would be much worse. We need to support him. Conservatives would be in serious trouble if we lose this last branch of government to liberal dominance and the rule of law is abandoned.


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