Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama will get no warning ...

... when the people's response to this crisis comes

Gary Younge - February 16th, 2009 - Guardian

Somerset, NJ - "As the financial crisis has deepened, affluent Americans, in particular, have grown increasingly sceptical that the economy will come back in the coming year," concluded a Pew research poll last week. This time last year it was mainly the low-paid and poorly educated who feared for their livelihoods. Now, graduates and the wealthy are similarly gloomy. How long they will endure such reduced circumstances, who they will blame, and what they will do about it remains to be seen.

What they will do is of increasing interest to a host of angry people who think Obama is frightening. What I noted today is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in politics. Conservative America is becoming enraged ... bordering on deranged. Obama has average every day Americans scared to death. On conservative web sites that are usually bland, so many people were talking about tax revolts and arming themselves and sending tea bags in to their representatives that one person wrote, "I must issue respectful dissent from the idea that this is 'planned economic destruction' by a shadowy cadre of globalists, bankers, socialists ... that sentiment crosses the line into all-out paranoia and panic. While it's appropriate and rational to have concern for our economy and to be wary of our neophyte fool of a President, the warnings of civil war, incitement of tax revolt, admonishments to buy guns, stock canned goods and ammo are simply counter-productive ... let's not turn this site into Obama Derangement Central ... " He got little sympathy or support for his keep calm attitude.

I don't know if this will subside or not, but it is a degree of anger and rage I simply never expected to see in America. Obama is not a uniter. He may have a lot of people who support him but there is a HUGE element in our nation that despises him. To date he has proved as divisive as any man I have ever seen.


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