Sunday, February 15, 2009

Republicans Must Be
A National Party

by Fred Barnes February 13th, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

It's "possible," [Governor Jeb Bush] says, that he'll never run again -- for anything. That includes the presidency in 2012. "I'm totally comfortable with what I'm doing and how I'm going about it. I hope I can find a role to play that doesn't include running for office to make a contribution."

What a liar. The Bush family is driven to run for public office. Plus the Wall Street Barons love the Bush family. They know that in their hearts the Bushes hate competition as much as Wall Street does. Corporate socialism is in their blood and that is what Wall Street stands for. Therefore, they can get money from Wall Street easier than any other Republicans.

What many Republicans still don't get is that Wall Street is the enemy of freedom and free enterprise. Mergers and acquisitions are not the process which leads to cost effective products. Mergers and acquisition are legal methods to rush the process of becoming a monopoly so that corporate managers and stockholders can bleed society with outrageous profits. That is what Wall Street stands for. Not free enterprise.

Within the Republican Party the Bush family is totally prepared to sell the voters on lies that are incomprehensibly false. The "compassionate communism" that George W. Bush sold as "compassionate conservatism" is a perfect example. The lie about taxes that the first Bush made is another well known example. Entitled, arrogant and self deluding, they seek power, not a return to the freedom based values that started the republican movement.

On a positive note, I am certain that like his father and his brother, the two Georges, Jeb is a patriot. They are not global socialists but a uniquely separate version I call American socialists. However socialists is what they are. Jeb included.

So many delusions are being sold in this article. When Jeb talks about education he brags on one of the most socialist systems in the world, Sweden. Why are so many of the socialists, global and American, unwilling to go back to an American education system that worked? Our system of 50 years ago was the glory of the world. It is the socialists that have destroyed it. Why is what worked never praised?

The article says Jeb is popular with both moderate and conservative Republicans. Unfortunately you can't figure out what that means today. A huge percentage of people who call themselves 'conservative' are firm believers in socialism. They just call it 'compassionate conservatism'. That it is really big government socialism simply slips their notice. How does a label matter when it is a LIE? Few truly conservative Republicans would embrace the re-invention of 'conservatism' that is at the heart of this man's duplicitous agenda.

Like his brother George, Jeb talks about small government Republicans while indicating he does not have a clue what 'small government' means. In the article he excuses the huge drug entitlement benefit his brother got passed as being necessitated by the war against the Islamo-fascists. Double talk. Pure lying double talk.

Married to a Mexican, Jeb also excuses opening our borders. Like so many who don't care about the cultural changes being shoved on the middle class by people who come here for personal greed, not in search of freedom, Bush ignores their demands because he is rich enough to not care. What happens to others is indifferent to him. It is easy for him to characterize those who disagree with him on this issue as racists and Xenophobes. He does not share the values or concerns of middle America. He is trying to change America. Not defend America.

Like so many Republicans who talk a good game but don't really care about individual freedom for most Americans, Jeb Bush is perfectly happy living in a socialist tyranny. The rich like Jeb Bush don't feel the constraints. Jeb defends Barack Obama and thinks Obama is a good thing for America. He doesn't feel we should disagree with Obama or criticize him. That position is the final proof that Jeb Bush is not the man that Republicans need to lead us. We need someone who at his core understands that small government is about personal freedom. Being Wall Street's newest front man is not about personal freedom.


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