Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama’s Revenge

by Joan Swirsky - February 15, 2009 - Canda Free Press

Once upon a time, a white teenager from Kansas got pregnant by her black Kenyan boyfriend, Barack Obama Sr., or was it her husband? Whatever. (I say whatever because we’ve never seen either marriage or divorce certificates). Some say the couple was in Kenya visiting relatives when the birth of their son, Barack Obama Jr., occurred. No matter. (I say no matter because we’ve never seen an authentic birth certificate). By the time the baby was two years old his father abandoned him for his other wife and child in Kenya.

I wonder how toddler Barry felt when his father left him, and never reappeared until a single time when the boy was 10. Bewildered? Sad? Lonely? Angry? What do two-year-olds do with those feelings?

It didn’t take long for Barry’s mother to meet and marry an Indonesian native named Lolo Soetoro. They moved to Indonesia, where her child became Barry Soetoro, took on Indonesian citizenship, and was presumably schooled in public, Christian, and Muslim schools. (I say presumably because we’ve never seen those school records). But when Barry was 10 years old, his mother sent him back to the U.S. to be raised by her parents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, although she kept her baby daughter Maya Soetoro with her.

I wonder how the by-now fully-sentient young Barry felt when his mother sent him packing. Sad? Jealous of the baby who remained behind with mommy? Confused and dizzy by the disparate cultures – languages, customs, foods, sights, sounds, schooling – he had experienced? Resentful? What did Barry do with those feelings?

By the time he was 10, the boy had been abandoned three times – by his father, stepfather, and mother. And although he was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii – where “people of color” were not his color – he found out soon enough that his mixed-race background rendered him, in effect, an outsider. Did that make him feel self-conscious, indignant, victimized?

But he wasn’t altogether an outsider. In Hawaii, young Barry met Frank Marshall Davis, his first and perhaps most influential mentor. The infamous Marshall, a Communist activist (and self-confessed pedophile) taught Barry – was it Obama, Soetero, Dunham? – that white people were the devil incarnate and that blacks were the most “victimized” people on earth.

This quick history of how the Magic Marxist Messiah came to be the most duplicitous President in the history of the United States is an amazing read. History. It seems history no longer matters to the Americans who have bought in to the incredible illusion that has become Barack Obama.

Joan Swirsky has written a great article that neatly summarizes the history of this man. With the history of those he has surrounded himself with, anyone who is a patriot would have to wonder, how can this man have advanced to the most powerful position in the world? Are our fellow citizens who voted for this man really that gullible?

Even more confusing. How can Republican leadership think that constantly assuring his minions how much we admire Obama leads to anything but long term disaster? Is that not simply appeasement by losers who are seizing their loser status and wallowing in it?

Every single day that passes I get more and more angry at the idea that the greatest nation on earth can be taken down by such an egomaniacal deceitful charlatan. America has got to wake up.

I would be happy if we could get Republican leadership to wake up. Especially the apparently gullible Michael Steele. Please Michael, explain to me how the bait and switch duplicity and deceit of Barack Obama has earned your public insistence that you like and admire Barack Obama?


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