Friday, July 27, 2012

8 Ways Blacks Perpetuate Racism
And The Only Way to Thwart It

by Walter Hudson - July 17th, 2012 - PJ Media

It shouldn’t matter that I, an author with the audacity to select such a title, am black. The arguments presented should stand or fall on their objective merit. Nevertheless, I declare my racial identity at the outset to defuse any prejudice readers may bring regarding the motivation behind this piece. Indeed, it is in part because I am black that the following must be said.

All things considered, blacks and the civil rights culture surrounding them are the most open and prolific purveyors of racism in America. This is an ironic travesty which spits upon the graves of history’s abolitionists and offends all who are committed to a dream of equality under the law and goodwill among men.

Surely, such a claim is provocative. Unfortunately, it is also demonstrable.


As recently noted by Thomas Sowell, riots by American blacks are common and growing more common every day. Under Barack Obama, racism by blacks has increased significantly. You don't hear about it because the liberal media ignore the race of the rioters. The demands for economic parity irregardless of fairness have become more vitriolic and demanding. This article has an explanation for this phenomenon that appears well reasoned. One example that struck me is the authors issue number 4, "Loose Accusations of Racism." Mr. Hudson concludes "When prejudice, bigotry, and racism are used interchangeably, it is evidence that the discussion is not honest."

His careful definition of these words and examples of how they are being misused is a welcome addition to the discussion on the riots that are growing in frequency, driven by black racism. Just as I never thought that socialism's many failures would ever lead the American population to consider it a rational way to govern, the fact that 12.5% of the American population, those who are black, would seriously consider violence and a race war as the method to secure greater economic parity has certainly surprised me.

The election of Barack Obama has made it clear that half our nation has bought into the delusion of socialism. In the same way the black flash mobs have made it clear that a majority of blacks are ready to take what they want by rioting. Since there has never been any pushback against previous black riots, such as after Rodney King, it has become seared into the black culture that riots work. With that reality why wouldn't they use riots to get what they want? The Attorney General, Eric Holder, has made it clear he will not allow any prosecution of blacks who commit violence.

The evil of Affirmative Action was always inherent in its corrupt pretense that unequal treatment of citizens would somehow lead to justice. Such logic was never sound. The consequences of this injustice is growing more obvious by the day, yet there seems to be nothing that will convince the adherents of Affirmative Action that it must end. Perhaps these riots, or a race war, will change their minds. But I would not bet on it.

If half our nation can accept the delusion that socialism can be made to work, it appears to me our nation has abandoned common sense. Certainly both socialism and affirmative action require an acceptance of logic I find inconceivable.


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