Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fighting Dirty For The Black Vote

Mona Charen - March 4, 2005 -

This is an entirely appropriate article for this time and place. Here in the Roanoke Chowan area, the growing national tendency of black voters to vote Republican bodes well for the chance to end political dominance by socialists and socialist programs promulgated by local and state democrats (especially considering the number of corrupt democrat politicians that have been exposed recently).
While Republicans gained a relatively modest 3 percentage points in the overall black vote between 2000 and 2004, going from 8 percent to 11 percent, the party's performance in several large states was more substantial. In Texas, the GOP won 15 percent; in California, 18 percent; [emphasis added] and in Ohio, 16 percent.

The atrocious record of democrats in the northeastern North Carolina region at bringing economic development has got to end. Our region is the most integrated region in the state. I recently heard that 87% of blacks in North Carolina live east of I95, and the majority of them live in the NE part of the state. That seems excessive, but whatever the numbers, we are pretty equal throughout the area and blacks are a prominent part of our culture. This offers the opportunity of being the role model for true equality in the State and the Nation.

This region will be better served with bipartisan government and the entrepreneurship attitude that Republicans bring to the table, and black democrats are starting to see it. The requirement is that Republicans in Roanoke-Chowan start to believe that blacks are amenable to the Republican message of personal initiative and reach out to them. We must make serious attempts to win them to the Republican side. With hard working role models like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, and intellectual leaders like Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder, Republicans are poised to make serious inroads in the black community. However it will not be easy. The democrats are losing. Their normal tendency to fight "dirty" will only get more vicious.

The black community has a huge number of conservatives, people of moral character and religious fervor, hard workers with personal integrity. They are our natural allies. As Mona noted in her article, Republican leaders like Ken Mehlman are now saying "the party of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass is not complete without more African-American support and participation." This is a good message for us.

Nationwide Republicans are learning that if we care about our country, we have to fight for it too. If courageous men can fight for our freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq, dying for our country, why can't we stand up and fight against the mis-characterizations and insults that will be hurled by the democrats. When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for Governor, the democrats told lies about him that were outrageous . He simply held his head up and ignored them.

He did not reach out to black "leadership" but instead reached out to black "conservatives". The result is the amazing increase in black support for the Republican party in California. That model will serve us well.


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