Monday, August 08, 2005

Democrats' New Strategy: Almost Winning

BY Mark Steyn - August 7, 2005 - Chicago Sun-Times
The other day an official with a British teachers' union proposed that the concept of "failing" exams should be abolished. Instead of being given a "failing" grade, she said, the pupil would instead be given a "deferred success."

Oh, sure, you can scoff. But evidently the system's already being test-piloted in Howard Dean's Democratic Party. That's why the Dems' Congressional Campaign Committee hailed their electoral failure in last week's Ohio special election as a triumphant "deferred success."

Has anyone noticed how quiet Hollywood has been recently? No proud denunciations of the evil Republicans to show how left wing they are? Now the democrats claim a loss against a weak candidate as "deferred success". All of the discussions by democrats are about how to "appear" more religious and "appear" to be patriotic and "appear" to be concerned with third term abortions and "appear" to endorse marraiage as it has been for 10 thousand years and "appear" to accept free enterprise. No acknowledgement that any of their issues are wrong. It is just how they present them. However recent defeats seems to have confused them. What else but confusion would leave them struggling for something to say and so desparate that they claim a loss as victory.

Steyn is a good writer. I have seen a couple of comments comparing him to Will Rogers and Mark Twain. He could be that good. This article is clearly funny to those of us on the right (and even a few in the middle). It is sad that those on the left cannot see how ridiculous they have become while hurling insults at those on the right. I think it is because of the success of their causes. As they won on many of the moral issues over the last 60 years, they had to move further and further left until socialism was all they could really endorse that had not already become the way we governed.

The problem is that socialsim will not work for reasons they simply refuse to accept. They therefore cannot be honest about what they are working for, since they are working for something that they cannot acknowledge. Maybe in that situation, "almost winning" seems a good thing.


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