Friday, August 05, 2005

Singling Out Muslims Is Un-American

By Mansour El-Kikhia - August 5th, 2005 - San Antonio Express-News
In all my years, I have rarely seen Islamic publications condemning or belittling Jesus Christ, his mother or his apostles. Nor have I seen any belittling Judaism, Moses or David. Indeed, to go further, I have never seen a mainstream publication in Arab or Muslim states condemning Christianity or Judaism. Even the majority of fundamentalist publications do not touch either negatively.

What? Bloggers quickly filled volumes with examples of articles that refute this claim. This article is filled with anger that Americans are considering focusing our efforts to stop terrorism on young Muslim-Arab males. The logic is bizarre but goes into fantasy land when it makes the above claim that Muslims never "belittle" Jews or Christians. The essense of the article is that we have to find some way to stop young Muslim-Arab males from blowing us up and beheading us that does not LOOK FOR young Muslim-Arab males. I think this article's lack of reality shows why we NEED TO PROFILE young Muslim-Arab males.


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