Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Flight 93, Re-Hijacked

By Mark Steyn - Septermber 14, 2005 - SteynOnAmerica
At 9.58am Eastern time, Tuesday September 11th 2001, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.


As UPI’s Jim Bennett wrote, “The Era of Osama lasted about an hour and a half or so, from the time the first plane hit the tower to the moment the General Militia of Flight 93 reported for duty.”

This is an article that is posted on Mark Steyn's personal web site, his blog if you will, about the memorial being planned for the pasture in Pennsylvania where the patriots on Flight 93 died. It is reported the article has appeared in the Irish times, however I haven't seen it in any American newspapers yet. Hopefully you will.

You should know what is being done to dishonor this memorial. The dishonor starts with the architect chosen to design the site, Paul Murdoch. "The idea of the Crescent of Embrace, Murdoch said, is to be a gesture of healing and bonding." To that end he used the symbol of Islam, a crescent, and has the memorial pointing to Mecca. I am sure these touches will delight the islamofascists who tried to destroy us that day. I am uncertain how he thinks it honors the men and women who brought down the plane to stop them.

Why do these artsy people seem so oblivious to patriotism?

The Americans bonded well on that fateful day to accomplish a useful goal. That goal was not to embrace the desire of the islamofasicsts to kill us. It was to stop them. The Americans met their goal and gave their lives in the process. That is what we honor.

"... the architect, has somehow managed to produce a design ... [that is] a splendid memorial to the hijackers rather than their victims", said Steyn.

If the architect wants to bond with the islamofascists, he should move to a Muslim country and bond away.

We must stop this disgrace. Please
Contact Gale Norton, the Secretary of the Interior and express your views. Phone and snail mail for her office:

Phone: (202) 208-3100

Gale Norton
Department of the Interior
1849 C St., NW
Washington, DC 20240

If there is anything that we can do to honor these people it is to STOP this insult. In the words of Todd Beamer from that day, "Let's Roll"


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