Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Orleans: A Green Genocide

By Michael P. Tremoglie and Ben Johnson - September 8, 2005 -
As radical environmentalists continue to blame the ferocity of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation on President Bush’s ecological policies, a mainstream Louisiana media outlet inadvertently disclosed a shocking fact: Environmentalist activists were responsible for spiking a plan that may have saved New Orleans. Decades ago, the Green Left – pursuing its agenda of valuing wetlands and topographical “diversity” over human life – sued to prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from building floodgates that would have prevented significant flooding that resulted from Hurricane Katrina.

Once again the leftist agenda of the MSM means that the average citizen will never hear the truth about the true causes of the Katrina disaster. To the MSM George Bush is bad, democrats are good, so no matter what the true facts, screaming about George Bush's "failures" is all that they will embrace. To the MSM environmentalists are good, the Army Corps of Engineers is bad, so screaming about the reduction in one program for upgrading the levees is all that they will embrace. To the MSM that makes it George Bush's fault. Environmentalist opposition to the same program is ignored. Enviromental opposition to an even better program that would have stopped the storm surge will never (I repeat, NEVER) be heard in the MSM. If you don't read the blogs and get your news from the Internet, you are ignorant of what is going on in our nation and will never know the truth.


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