Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Inner Banks Eagle

Today we are renaming our blog the INNER BANKS EAGLE.

I have long loved the American Eagle. That is why I chose the name when I started the blog. Pictures of the Eagle are always dramatic, including the one that I use on the right for our symbol. In all the years I have lived in various places around the world, as well as all the places I have visited, I had never seen a live Eagle in the wild until I returned to North Carolina last fall. A breeding pair across the Chowan river had produced a young male Eagle, and when he was kicked out of the nest he settled in down river. He was a first for me, and he was awesome. I loved watching him soar off the cliff behind the house, and watching him dive for fish in the Chowan.

A conservationist group from the region has brought in a female Eagle and the two have recently paired up. As is usual in this case, the pair has created a new nest. To my delight, they have set up their new nest in the woods beside my house, on a bluff overlooking the Beach Club in Colerain.

I have been trying to get a picture of the two Eagles, but to date I have simply gotten a lot of pictures of sky. I will keep trying though, and one of these days I am sure I will get lucky. In their honor I have implemented the name change that I had already been considering.

That leads us to, "Why the name change?"

As a region, two names have long competed to be the name used to describe where we are from. One, Roanoke-Chowan, uses the names of the two rivers in the area and describes the northern part of our area fairly well, but neither river is all that well known outside the region itself. The other, Down-East has been used more generally for the southern part of our area, but its conflict with the name for the coast of Maine has never allowed it to really catch on. It is confusing to outsiders.

Everyone knows that the Outer Banks describes the coast of North Carolina. A new term has started to catch on in this area. It is the Inner Banks. It includes the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds, and the adjacent major rivers that feed the two sounds. It is perfect. When I have used it with people on the west coast and northeast, they immediately understood that it is inland from the North Carolina shoreline. It defines the region well.

Therefore, Welcome to the INNER BANKS EAGLE. The politcal blog for this newly named region.

Thanks for your continued support of our blog conversation.



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